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Angels Stand Up and Sound Off!

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The Surf City Car Show and the Surf City Sound Off is just around the corner, and this year we have something special for our neighbors nearby! That’s right. It’s time again for our celebration of classic cars, trucks and bikes as well as the loudest and best sounding vehicles in the West (country?)! Cars are better at the beach and on August 25th and 26th, Chinook Winds will have some exciting, friendly competitions to see whose rides look the best and sound the best. This year we’ve added a fun giveaway  to let all of our neighbors in on the Surf City Sound Off fun!

If you live in the greater Lincoln City area and hear the Sound Off every year, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Last year Chinook Winds helped raise more than $8,000 for Angels Anonymous during Surf City Sound Off! Angels Anonymous is a nonprofit that strives, “to provide immediate and basic services to those in need in the greater Lincoln City area, while complimenting existing services. The desire of Angels Anonymous is to provide a service that is immediate and to help those we serve to find solutions for long-term problems”. This year Chinook Winds would like to invite our neighbors to join us in bringing awareness to this great charity!

We know the Surf City Sound Off is a flashy event that brings new sounds to the coast. So, this year we would like to know what our neighbors will be doing during the Sound Off. Chinook Winds will be giving two lucky winners who share their stories with us a weekend away to stunning Central Oregon for next year’s event, or any other time of year you may choose! First, you’ll need to like Chinook Winds Casino Resort on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Then, when you hear the Sound Off on August 25th and 26th, post a photo or video of what you were doing when you heard the sounds. We want to see everyone’s posts, so to make sure your post is seen and eligible, it must be public, with a caption, and tagged with our hashtag #AngelsSoundOff.  The winners of the Angel Sound Off Giveaway will be selected at random and announced on social media the following Monday, August 27th, 2018.

Chinooks Winds will be giving away a grand prize and a runner-up prize. The Grand prize includes a weekend getaway to beautiful Central Oregon, with a stay at the Sunriver Vacation Rentals by Meredith Lodging, four High Desert Museum admission tickets, and a one-hour family photo session with Kassia Nicole Photography. The Runner-up will receive a two-night stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in the heart of downtown Bend, and a $200 gift card for sunglasses at A to Z Eyeglass Repair.

Chinook Winds is calling all angels to stand up and sound off this August. Whether you have the loudest, best sounding vehicle in the West, or spend the day out on Devils Lake kayaking, we want to hear from you. Send us your photo and video stories for your chance to make a difference. Help us support Angels Anonymous, the group that supports all of us in the greater Lincoln City area so well!    #AngelsSoundOff

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Carnival & Community

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Carnivals make everyone smile! Whether it’s you on the ride or your family and friends, we all smile when we hear that word. Here at Chinook Winds we love to make people smile and build memories. That’s why when we had the chance to host Davis Carnivals on their way through the area, we jumped at it! Visitors and locals will enjoy four days of fun at low prices. Join us during these family fun-filled four days, April 26-29, for a memory building adventure. Carnival rides, fun midway games and the food we all love await you. Discounted all day ride passes are available now through April 25 at the Chinook Winds Box Office or online. You can also purchase them each day if that’s easier for you. You can find out all the information you need here!

This fun carnival comes right after a week-long community celebration in Lincoln City called Community Days. The events are centered around what makes Lincoln City, Oregon one of the best coastal destinations in Oregon. Several organizations and volunteers join together to create a week of activities that showcase everything (well, not everything) our small beach town has to offer. From playing golf on the mudflats of the Siletz Bay to raise money for local high school golfers to hosting a dog palooza where visitors and locals can share in the many talents of their 4-legged friends, we have something for everyone. Our team at Chinook Winds makes every effort to participate in as many Community Days activities as possible. This year we partnered with the local High School and the LC Community Center to once again place the Pinwheels for Prevention on the front lawn for all passersby see our community stance against child abuse. This Pinwheel Garden has been sponsored by Chinook Winds for more than 15 years and it’s a tradition we don’t intend to stop. We are humbled by the support of the community in their commitment to helping us setup and tear down every year.

Other activities we enjoy supporting are the Family Promise Lock-Up – “bailing out” local community leaders while raising money for homeless families; Radio Days, where all of the money is donated to three local non-profit organizations, and the Lincoln City Food Drive. Members of our team spend an hour, rain or shine, gathering food and money for our local food bank. We love participating in the Mudflat Golf Tournament by supplying both teams and prizes. This fun rain or shine event is a great tradition of raising money for the local high school girls and boys golf teams. It’s an opportunity to get out there and meet some youth in our community.

The week ends with a Banquet at Chinook Winds Casino Resort where men, women and youth are honored for their contributions to our community. We will once again present our Community Spirit Award, where we choose an individual who we are proud to work with, or who has worked hard in our community throughout the year to  be an ambassador of why our community stands above those around us. We are proud to be a part of this small coastal town with a big coastal heart.


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Guest Spotlight – The Man Behind the Winner

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Welcome to our first Blog post. We hope to do some fun spotlights of guests and staff, behind the scene stories and include interesting thing to do when you visit the beach. If you have ideas of what you would like to see featured send us a note to










Who is Eric Simpson?

At first glimpse, Eric Simpson is an adventurous and fun guy who enjoys his Keno and has a keen wit and sharp sense of humor. As you start listening to him, you discover that his joy of playing Keno is genuine.  At Chinook Winds Casino Resort we encounter so many interesting people as they come and go, but some leave a lasting impression. Eric is a guest who leaves a positive mark on staff and guests every time he is here.

Eric was born in England and moved to the states shortly after his birth. They lived in Florida and then in Canada for about three years before making their permanent home in Salem, Oregon in 1973. Since then Eric has grown up enjoying his garden. He started growing Sweetpeas because “that was the flower my mother is holding in her wedding picture”, and soon expanded to tomatoes and a few other garden variety (pun intended) vegetables. His passion for his garden is evident in how he lights up when talking about it. “I like to give some of my plants to local elementary schools to inspire our youth to get excited about organic gardens”, said Eric.

How does he win so many times?

For years Eric has visited our Resort and played his favorite 6 or 8 spot progressive Keno game. He might enjoy a random Keno Game King machine, but his favorite is good old fashioned Keno. “I enjoy visiting with the friendly staff here. For years I would bring my companion (his beautiful dog) Freddie and enjoy the beach and play a little”. In August 2017 Freddie passed away, and since then Eric has come back numerous times walking the beach where he and Freddie walked. When asked how he chooses his numbers his answer was simple, “I will try many combinations, but mostly I pay attention to the staff and use special dates such as Freddie’s dog tag number and numbers I have used with my dad until he passed away in 1997”.

Many would say Eric is one of the luckiest Keno players we have here at the Resort. Since July of 2017 Eric has won a Keno Progressive seven times. You read that correctly, seven times a Keno Progressive winner! As we talked, Eric was very humble and simple about how he chooses his numbers, but he was methodical in his approach as well. He doesn’t do anything by chance, in fact he has solid plans of play every time. He will sometimes visit Reno and if numbers worked at Keno in Reno then he will try them here. If numbers are in a slump he will take a look at everything he has tried and go back to numbers that used to work and give them a try.

When asked what his secret is, he looks you square in the eyes and says, “I’m a time traveler. Your present is my past. I cannon expand on this due to the rupture of the space-time continuum”.

Guests are like family:

Eric isn’t just a dedicated Keno player to us here at Chinook Winds, he has become a guest who is part of the family and is happily referred to as the “salsa king”. He grows tomatoes at his home in Salem and graciously makes salsa for his friends – which includes many here at Chinook Winds. Last year Eric made more than 20 gallons of salsa for his neighbors, friends and a number of folks at Chinook Winds. When asked why he visits us, his answer was simple – “You have the nicest people here”.

Thank you Eric, for visiting us and choosing us as your place to relax, have some fun, win a little, but as you said, “leave the place better than when you came and do a good deed every day”.

This is the first of many Blog posts to come for Chinook Winds Casino Resort. We hope you enjoy our conversations with our guests, information about the area and fun topics of interest. If you have ideas on topics feel free to email and make sure to subscribe to our posts so you don’t miss out on any information.

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