With our remodeled and relocated poker room, now on the second level of the casino, you’ll have more live action, better tournaments, and more comfort so you can have more fun bluffing, raising, and going all-in at the beach.  You must be 21 or older to play Poker.


11am –Close
$25 Splash Pot 12pm-5pm
5:30pm – NL Hold’Em Tournament, $40 buy-in. Starting chip stack of 3,000 for buy-in and re-entry. $20 add-on at the break for 3,000 chips.

10am –Close
Omaha cash games begin at 10am


9am –Close
Seven Card Stud games begin at 9am
5pm – NL Hold’Em Bounty Tournament, $100 buy-in includes the $25 bounty. Starting chip stack is 3,000 for buy-in and re-entry. $250 added.

11am -Close
2pm NL Hold’Em
$95 Buy-in. Starting chip stack 5,000 for buy-in and re-entry.
$500 added. 20-minute rounds.

11am –Close
6pm Deep Stack No Limit Hold’Em $60 buy-in.
Starting chip stack 6,000.

Sunday Splash Pot
$25 added to the pot every 15 minutes for live cash 2-10 spread limit Texas Hold’Em.


Two-Card Royal Flush Receives $200 during tournament play


$5 dealer appreciation receives $1,000 in tournament chips



Round 1: Blinds 25-50
Round 2: Blinds 50-100
Round 3: Blinds 75-150
No more late entries after round three
Round 4: Blinds 100-200
Round 5: Blinds 150-300
10 Min Break (race off Green Chips)
Round 6: Blinds 200-400
Round 7: Blinds 300-600
Round 8: Blinds 400-800
Round 9: Blinds 500-1000
Round 10: Blinds 1000-2000
10 Min Break (Race off Black Chips)
Round 11: Blinds 1500-3000
Round 12: Blinds 2000-4000
Round 13: Blinds 3000-6000
Round 14: Blinds 4000-8000
Round 15: Blinds 5000-10000


  1. By taking a seat in the tournament, the player agrees to all rules and regulations set by Chinook Winds Casino Resort.
  2. Added money comes out of bonus fund.
  3. It is the players’ responsibility to protect their hands at all times.
  4. Check and raise is permitted.
  5. Deals can be made to end tournament.
  6. All hands must be turned up, when there is no action, due to all-ins.
  7. The “one-chip rule” applies to all tournaments.
  8. “Live straddles” will not be permitted in tournaments.
  9. All tournament chips must remain in plain view. Any chips removed from plain view will be removed from the tournament.
  10. All players’ chips must be stacked and orderly.
  11. Supervisors’ decisions are final.
  12. Management reserves the right to cancel tournament without notice.
  13. The clock will not be stopped unless a floor decision needs to be made.
  14. You must be at least 21 years old to play.

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