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Good afternoon Team Members!

The Chinook Winds Executive Management Team requested and received approval today from the Siletz Tribal Council to recognize the amazing efforts of our Team to recruit some great new hires!

For all current employees and new hires Chinook Winds is paying an additional $3 per hour to your current hourly wage starting April 1, 2022. This seasonal incentive pay will be applied to hours worked between April 1 through September 30, 2022.

We are also offering a $1,500 sign on and referral bonus to assist in our efforts to fill positions. So, let your family and friends know if they are considering applying that now is the time.

We are so grateful to our Team Members for getting us through these last 15 months. We hope these adjustments reflect how lucky we know we are to have you on our Team. We are also grateful to the Siletz Tribal Council for allowing us to recognize your efforts, contributions, and sacrifices.

John Wheeler
Interim General Manager
Chinook Winds Casino Resort

Questions and Answers for Seasonal Incentive Pay, Sign‐on and Referral Bonus
April 8, 2022

Hello Team Members,

On Friday, April 8th, the Siletz Tribal Council authorized the Chinook Winds Executive Management Team to incentivize our recruitment and retention efforts for the upcoming months. Here are some answers to questions we have received or anticipate receiving:

Are we really getting $3/hr incentive pay through the upcoming months?

Yes. Whatever your current hourly wage is will be coupled with an additional $3 per every hour worked between April 1st, 2022 and September 30th, 2022. Incentive pay for each month will be paid the following month. (April hours will be paid on May 13th, May hours will be paid on June 10th, June hours will be paid on July 8th, July hours will be paid on August 12th, August hours will be paid on September 9th, and September hours will be paid on October 14th).

What if I work overtime?

Yes. If your hours include overtime hours, the additional $3/hr will be added to your overtime rate.

Are there any restrictions on receiving the additional $3/hr?

Yes. To remain eligible for the additional $3 per hour (incentive pay) you may not have more than 3 attendance occurrences per month. You must also not receive a progressive disciplinary action that includes a suspension to receive the incentive pay for that month.

If I am considered a ‘highly tipped’ team member will I receive an increase in my wage?

Yes. Our current minimum wage for ‘highly tipped’ team members is $12.50/hr.

Who is eligible for the $1,500 sign‐on bonus?

The Executive Management Team is offering a sign on bonus for new hires who fill positions starting April 9, 2022. New hires will receive $750* of the bonus after 90 days and another $750* after 180 days. New hires must average 20/hrs a week to be eligible for the bonus. New hires must have no disciplinary actions that include a suspension during the rating period. New hires must have no more than 3 missed workdays during the rating period.

*After taxes have been paid.

Are team members eligible for the $1,500 referral bonus?

The Executive Management Team is offering a referral bonus for referred new hires who fill positions starting April 9, 2022. New hires will receive a sign‐on bonus (see sign‐on bonus section). Team members who refer a new hire that meets their 90 days criteria will receive $750* and if their referred new hire reaches 180 days, they will receive another $750*. New hires must remain in good standing and meet all criteria for the referred team member to be eligible for the referral bonus. There is no limit to the number of new hires a team member can refer. Team members must maintain employment to receive the referral bonus. The referred team member must be on the new hires application at the time it is submitted.

*After taxes have been paid.

If I voluntarily quit and return as a team member to Chinook Winds, am I eligible for the sign‐on bonus?

Any team member as of April 8th, 2022, will not be eligible for the sign on bonus. The intent of the sign-on bonus is to quickly attract the additional staff we need for the upcoming months.

Will the additional $3/hr be added to PTO hours that I take?

No. Incentive pay is only going to be applied to hours worked.