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How to play

Based on the Five Card Stud Poker game, Let it Ride is an exciting  Poker game that allows players to win with a pair of tens or better!  There is an optional Bonus Bet of $1.00 that pays up to $10,000 in additional bonus money for a Royal Flush hand. Best of all, it’s easy, fast, and fun!

The optional $1.00 Bonus Bet is collected before the cards are dealt by placing the dollar in front of the Betting Circles on the table. Each Player then places three equal bets in the Betting Circles. Each Player then gets three cards face up. Then, two cards are dealt – one at a time – face down in front of the dealer. These are called the “Community Cards”. In Let it Ride, Players don’t compete against other Players or the Dealer. The goal is to make the best possible Poker hand using the three dealt Player cards dealt plus the two Community Cards placed in front of the Dealer which the dealer will expose.

After examining the first three cards, the Player can ask for their first wager back by scratching their cards behind bet in the first circle or they can “Let it Ride”. The Dealer then exposes one of the Community Cards and Players can now request their second wager by scratching their cards behind second bet or “Let it Ride”.  Players tuck the three cards under the third and final bet while the Dealer exposes the third and final Community Card. All wagers left at this point in the game in the Betting Circles are final! After exposing the final Community Card, the Dealer pays all winning bets.

Bonus Let It Ride Rules:

  • Cards may only be held in one hand.
  • Players cannot show their hands to other Players.
  • Cards must be kept over layout.
  • Must be 21 or older to play.
  • Tips are not expected, but appreciated.