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RV_Parking_August_2015November 2, 2015 Chinook Winds Casino Resort made some changes to the dry-camp RV Parking in our upper lot just southeast of the Casino.  Overnight RV Parking now requires a parking permit and Winners Circle Membership.  You must earn 40 points on your Winners Circle card to qualify for an overnight parking pass (valid for 3 days). Please register at the Winners Circle.


  • Choose a parking spot that is the appropriate size for your vehicle and make note of the space number.
  • Once you have accumulated 40 points on your Winners Circle card, take the Registration Form* to the Winners Circle to receive your 3-day RV Parking Pass. (If you do not have a Winners Circle card, you will need to sign up for one and accumulate the required points.) *All fields must be completed.
  • Accumulate an additional 100 points during the original 3 days to extend your stay.
  • Please note that the RV Parking Pass is required for overnight parking. If you do not have one before 10pm, you may be asked to remove your vehicle.


  • No open fires including campfires.
  • No dumping of gray water. This is a dry-camp area only.
  • No generators running after 10pm.
  • No tents.
  • All pets must be on a leash. Please clean up after your pet.
  • No firearms, BB guns, fireworks, or other weapons allowed.
  • Trash cans provided are for household garbage only. No bio or disposable human waste allowed.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Parents are responsible for their childrens’ safe conduct and any injuries or damage that they may incur or cause. Unsupervised children who cause disruption for other guests may cause their group to be asked to leave the property.
  • Wildlife, including seagulls, birds, squirrels, raccoons and other animals may not be fed nor interfered with at any time.
  • The Overnight RV Parking Permit requires Winners Circle Membership. Please be prepared to provide your membership number upon registration
  • The Overnight RV Parking Permit is only valid at Chinook Winds Casino Resort.
  • Placards must be displayed on driverís side of the dashboard.
  • Parking of RVs is only allowed in the Southeast Upper Parking Lot at Chinook Winds Casino Resort.
  • RVs may not block lanes of traffic, create a nuisance, or park in a manner that creates a safety or public hazard.
  • The Overnight RV Parking Permit shall not exempt vehicles from complying with any parking regulation including the following restrictions: Handicapped Zones, Tow Away Zones, Fire Hydrants, Red Curb for Bus Zones, Passenger Loading Zones, Commercial Loading Zones, Temporary Parking or No Stopping Restrictions.
  • Please adhere to all posted regulations.
  • IMPORTANT: It shall be the responsibility of the registrant/vehicle operator to understand these restrictions, to read the posted signs, and to ensure adherence. Compliance with these restrictions is essential to the orderly and safe movement of both pedestrians and vehicles. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the parking permit. Revocation resulting from the improper use or the failure to display the parking certificate will be upheld.

For more information contact the Winners Circle at 541-996-5700.

Full hook-ups available at Logan Road RV Park, just northeast of the Casino. To make reservations, call (541) 994-4261, 1-877-LOGANRV (1-877-564-2678)